Sunday, 2 February 2014

Christa Van Eerde School of Dance

One of the people I worked with for the Dance Society show marketing in a previous post, Christa, got in touch with me after university to ask me if I could design a logo for a dance school she wanted to set up (and is still in the progress of doing so).

She gave me some vague ideas and told me to run with them, and I designed a simple logo for her as a starting point (the figure in it is actually her, a silhouette I created from a photo of hers). 

She asked for a few redesigns and tweaks, we tried some additional designs, and we eventually came up with a refined design of my original logo.

I also designed a white-on-black version, as well as several other colours she wanted to try; she decided a silhouette logo, similar to the Wind it Up logo I created, as it was more flexible in terms of colours

A selection of colours tried out:


Alongside the man logo, Christa also requested a long version of the logo which could be used for letter headings, email signatures, but still obviously be a logo for the same dance school. These are the black-on-white and white-on-black designs I made for her:

I enjoyed working to create a more elegant design than previous logos I have made.

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